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RED lunch plate

RED lunch plate

MONOCHROMATIC MEAL. ā¤ļøšŸŒˆšŸŽØ // These single color meals are what got me excited about starting @eattherainbow_kids and the color weeks I’ve become known for over there. They’re visually beautiful and have helped me with adding variety to our meals…. which I know sounds counterintuitive since everything you see here is red. But when you focus on a single color, you tend to buy things you haven’t before. You shop at the grocery store with a different eye. šŸ‘€šŸ‘€šŸ‘€ And then when you switch to another color like PURPLE, then you obviously won’t be buying strawberries. You’ll gravitate towards grapes and purple cabbage! So, when you rotate through the colors, you really build in a lot of variety, naturally.

On this RED @bumkinsbaby plate:
ā¤ļø @moderntablemeals RED lentil elbow noodles with spaghetti sauce
ā¤ļø @babybelus cheese with heart cutout
ā¤ļø @freshbellies freeze-dried sweet bell peppers (SO GOOD!)
ā¤ļø red pears
ā¤ļø fresh strawberries

ā¬‡ļø TELL ME… Have you ever tried a monochromatic meal?

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