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Back to School with Flying Colors

Back to School with Flying Colors

New Lunchbox? Check.

School supplies? Check.

New clothes that fit? Check.

A million forms filled out and signed? Check.

Vitamins? Check.

In the hustle and bustle of the back-to-school craziness, we try to keep our breakfast and supplement routine as consistent as possible. Usually Babycakes takes her vitamins with breakfast, but sometimes on the busiest mornings, I’ll throw them into her lunchbox instead. (easier to do with older kiddos)

smarty pants vitamins

I take the SmartyPants Women’s formula capsules daily.

And Babycakes still takes the Kids Formula gummies (but in less than one year she’ll transition to the TEEN GIRL ones. Oh my goodness gracious, how is it possible I’ll have a teenager?!?!?!??!). Does “Babycakes” even seem appropriate anymore?!

lunchbox lunchbag

PEACE OF MIND /// SmartyPants Kids formulas are based on the latest scientific research to fill average nutritional gaps in the average kid’s diet and include the premium forms of nutrients their body prefers. This gives me huge peace of mind, as I’m still continuing to focus on eating the rainbow in fruit and veggie form (like with my #colorweeks!)

The color weeks I do aren’t about eating yellow at every single meal, or only eating yellow foods for an entire week… they’re about branching out and cooking/trying yellow foods with intention during that time; about embracing new recipes and equipping you with more ways to serve a particular fruit/veg until you find what your kiddo likes best! 🙌

🛒 When you go grocery shopping, look for that specific color.

💛 I bought a Korean melon for the first time.

💛 Try spaghetti squash in place of regular noodles for extra veggies.

💛 Swap in YELLOW tomatoes in place of red ones.

💛 Even look for yellow packaging of new things you want your kiddos to try… like the sprouted sunflower seeds and buffalo chicken bites I got.

💛 Mash banana into oatmeal.

💛 Add corn into savory waffles.

💛 Try adding yellow bell peppers to tomato soup.

In this pink OmieBox (with internal, removeable thermos):

* Buffalo chicken bites with Chick-fil-A dipping sauce

* Korean melon (or choose any yellow fruit — banana or golden delicious apples would work!)

* SmartyPants vitamins

* yellow grape tomatoes

* yellow bell peppers

* Mexican street corn tortilla chips

TIP: Don’t discard extra sauce packets the next time you’re at Chick-fil-A… keep them for adding into the lunchbox alongside chicken nuggets! (see below… under the gummy vitamins!)

Whether you’re super excited school is starting up again (cue the confetti!!), or a little sad, or some of both… I hope that you feel empowered to have a great year! Be gracious with yourself and your little ones these next few weeks as you ease back into the routine, or start one for the first time.

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