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Yellow Recipes

Cosmic Crisp Apple “Fries” Snackbox

This post is sponsored by Cosmic Crisp® apples. As always… the opinions, beautiful photography, and recipe are all mine. Back to school… back to re-al-i-ty. Do your kiddos come home extra tired and famished from school these first few weeks like mine does? I like having a hearty after-school snack ready (or a packed snackbox if I know she has […]

Back to School with Flying Colors

New Lunchbox? Check. School supplies? Check. New clothes that fit? Check. A million forms filled out and signed? Check. Vitamins? Check. In the hustle and bustle of the back-to-school craziness, we try to keep our breakfast and supplement routine as consistent as possible. Usually Babycakes takes her vitamins with breakfast, but sometimes on the busiest mornings, I’ll throw them into […]

Super Yellow Juice

How ADORABLE are these baby chick glasses of super yellow juice that Babycakes and I made?! 🐣🐤☀️💛🍋Perfect for Easter (bookmark it! ↗️) or just a fun DIY weekend craft activity, this juice is fulllllllll of nourishing ingredients your kiddos will love. Babycakes loves helping me with the juicer — adding fruit into the chute and seeing it turn into juice. Just […]

Golden Beet Hummus

Family doesn’t like beets? Try switching in GOLDEN beets! ☀️☀️☀️The color is gorgeous and the taste is more mild… ie. less dirt taste! 😜😜👌👌🌱🌱 I made a golden beet hummus last week and my beet-hating hubby and daughter both LOVED it and DEVOURED it! 💃 Babycakes even said, “You should make this more often, Mommy.” On this snack plate:🌟 @hodofoods nugget🌟 golden beet […]

Veggie Loaded Breakfast Casserole

🌈💛☀️ How FUN is this yellow themed lunchbox for #YellowWeek?!?! Yellow has always been my favorite color, even as a child. So this pic just makes me HAPPY! In this Yellow Sunshine bento box☀️ EASY VEGGIE-LOADED BREAKFAST CASSEROLE🍍 PINEAPPLE🥕 YELLOW CARROTS + RANCH🍿 YELLOW POPCORN🐮 HORIZON ORGANIC SINGLE-SERVE MILK Breakfast for dinner shouldn’t get all of the fame, let’s make breakfast-for-lunch a thing! […]

Cauliflower and Potato Soup

HAPPY FALL, Y’ALL. Bring on the soups!!! 🍂🌱💛🎉 This was originally a soup full of dairy + chicken stock. 🐔 But I made a few simple swaps to be plant-based. It’s perfect for a family dinner, or as leftovers for lunch (even a lunchbox!) Roast all the veggies in the oven first, then blend in a high speed blender with […]